Terms & Conditions

1. Ownership of equipment at all times remains with DJ Interactive Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

2. Client is required to submit two of their local id & address documents(in Originals) each time they hire the equipment.
Note: Local id proof is valid for Bangalore and Delhi only

3. Kindly check the equipment properly before taking the delivery. In spite of good maintenance of all our equipment,
it is sometimes possible that the rented equipment could fail. In such situations, we take no responsibility whatsoever for any loss the client may incur.

4. Client has to bear the full responsibility of equipment and accessories from the time it is hired till it is returned to DJ Interactive Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

5. However, in the event of Equipment and accessories hired malfunctions, damaged or lost during the rental period, it is solely clients responsibility to replace the same with a new similar model or pay the cost as per the prevailing market price or pay the repair costs and also the loss of rentals for the period as per the regular rates.

6. All equipment listed is for normal use only. Usage under extreme conditions and illegal purpose is prohibited.

7. Our office timings are 11am to 7pm

8. Advance payment of full rental amount is mandatory for the confirmation of the booking.

9. Failing to return the equipment on dates of return will be charged full rate for the extended days, irrespective of the reasons.

10. If the customer is not reachable or if we figure out that any of the personal details mentioned during registration are fudged, we will be forced to initiate recovery proceedings including handing over the case to our legal & recovery advisors. A FIR will be filed and case will be handed over to Police

11. DJ Interactive Solutions Pvt. Ltd has the right to reject or debar existing or new clients from our client list and stop business transactions with them without notice. The reason will not be disclosed and the client is requested to oblige.